The Cast of Julius Caesar

We’re excited to announce the cast of our 2018 production of Julius Caesar:

Brutus – Nicole Klostermann
Cassius – Taylor Sedlecek
Antony – Stacey Jaegar
Casca – John Hill
Caesar – Scott Humeston
Octavius – Jasper Rood
Lucius – Sophia Andrews
Soothsayer – Quinnie Rodman
Decius/Messala – Logan Natvig
Cinna/Titinius & Others – Zach Vig
Portia/Pindarus & Others – Eva Giacomo
Calpurnia & Others – Lisa Smith
Metellus/Lucilius & Others – Mary Blacharski
Trebonius/Clitus & Others – Garrett Herring
Artemidorus/Servant & Others – Lynaea Kiefer
Cicero/Cinna the Poet & Others – Steve Weiss

Thank you to EVERYONE who auditioned! If you were not cast but would still like to participate in the production of the show, please let us know and we will let you know how you can help.

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