Director Slots for ROOTS Play Festival Have Opened Up!

We have had a few (4) slots for new directors open up for our Roots: A New Play Festival this spring due to the number of great plays we will be producing as part of it! This is an exciting opportunity to direct a short, brand new play with us as part of our completely original play festival. If you have wanted to direct a show with MVLCT but haven’t wanted to take on an entire full-scale production, this is a perfect opportunity to work with our other directors, board members, and creative team.

For more information, please contact Grant Freeman, President MVLCT, by email at and let us know!

1 thought on “Director Slots for ROOTS Play Festival Have Opened Up!”

  1. I am very interested in working with the theater in a technical capacity. I have experience, in the early 1970s, with costume and design, set building and design, and generally helping out where needed. If I am too late for the upcoming production, I would like to work with MVLCT whenever needed.

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