Roots: A New Play Festival has been cast!

Thank you to everyone who journeyed out and auditioned for our upcoming play festival! Congratulations to everyone! Here are our casts and productions for the festival:

This is a Bad Idea by Grant Freeman, directed by Anton Rood

  • Kim Benesh, Bill Croghan, Grant Freeman, Braden JP Rood, Amy White

Memory by Chris Okiishi, directed by Bill Croghan

  • Shauna Daub, Lisa Smith

Mock Trial/Real Error by Elijah Jones, directed by Grant Freeman

  • Craig Jarvie, Tristan Maynard

Not Doing Christmas by Kristin Schneider, directed by Mandy Moellering

  • Amanda Bishop, Nicole McAlexander

Loving Addison and Teenage Angst in 1946, the Musical by Tristan Maynard, directed by Braden JP Rood

  • Kaylynn Burgin, Jasper Rood, Elijah Webster

All Evil, Inc. by Kelli Massey, directed by Kati Yau

  • Lisa Smith, Elijah Webster

Some Surprise by Amy White, directed by Monica Leo 

  • Allyssa Jubeck, Maria McAlexander, Amy White

Past Tense written and directed by Barbara Lau

  • Michelle Hinz

Weeding by Brian Tanner, directed by Anton Rood

  • Michelle Hinz, Jordan Ray Hogan, Jasper Rood, Boede Stoops, Steve Weiss

Home by Eva Giacomo, directed by Grant Freeman

  • Jordan Ray Hogan, Kate Margheim

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