Board Members

Grant Freeman has been involved with MVLCT since childhood and is especially pleased to be able to be serving on the MVLCT board.  Not only has he acted in many MVLCT productions but has also directed a number of them.  Lately, he says, he has been producing mostly Shakespeare and is excited to have a chance to do some new plays.

Amy White has been involved with MVLCT since their 1998 production of Steel Magnolias. She enjoys the variety of jobs associated with staging a show and the people she has met through her theatre involvement. Her original plays and monologues (including The Knitting Lesson, Drama at Dry Gulch Creek, and Someone Who Knew Her) have been performed by MVLCT and other groups. A resident of Mt. Vernon, Amy is also the director of the Lisbon Public Library.

Wendy McClain is a teacher and speech coach at Prairie.  A member of the Mt. Vernon community and a long time supporter and occasional actor for MVLCT she is pleased and proud to be a member of the MVLCT board.  Most recently you catch a glimpse of Wendy back at the lighting panel or changing scenery between scenes but always active in the latest production.

Barb Shepley has been involved with costuming for the theatre for over 30 years. And it all started when she said she could sew! Although she has no formal training in costuming or design she not only does costumes for community theatre, but the high school and middle school as well. That’s at least 6 shows a year. She has also helped with other community and school projects over the years. A student once asked her why she does all this and her response was, “well, it’s not for the money.” But when she sees a person put on that costume and “become” their character, then it’s all worthwhile.

Publicity and Promotions Officers:
Nikki Scheel and Joseph Williams are thrilled to become part of the MVLCT team in the publicity/promotion/website design/graphic design areas.  Newcomers to MVLCT, but not newcomers to the stage, they have been involved in theatre since childhood.  Joseph carries a degree in Theatre from Ball State University, and Nikki carries a degree in Interior Design from Iowa State University.  Joseph and Nikki are married, have three insane puppies, and wear pretty much any hat MVLCT throws at them! They are also co-owners of BIY Homebrew Supply in Marion and North Liberty.

Board Members At Large:

Kim Benesh has served on the board several times since back living in Mount Vernon.  She is a stay at home mom, married to Mark Weldon, mother to Emma, Martin, Lydia and Charlie, surrogate mother to Cole and Nana Banana to Cruz!  She is honored and feels privileged to be serving with such a generous and kind group of people focused on bringing the joy of theatre to our community.

William Croghan is a 15 year resident of the Mount Vernon/ Lisbon area. He lives there with his wife Christine, their two children having reached adulthood. A long tenured board member, he is involved primarily with set construction. He also appears on stage in every thing except musicals.

Braden JP Rood has proudly been a member of the MVLCT board since 2005 filling various roles from actor to producer to set construction among many others—basically whatever needs to be done for the show!  She also owns Rood Runner and loves to volunteer in her beloved Mount Vernon.  All of this is accomplished with the support of her amazing husband, Anton and her three boys, Jasper, Atticus and Chester.

Laura Werkman has been active with community theater since the first show that MVCT performed of “Oklahoma” in 1980. She served for over 20 years in every aspect of the board of directors & productions except musical director & choreography, since she can’t dance or read music! After a 10 year hiatus, she is excited to join the board of directors of MVLCT & to get involved in productions with this amazing group of talented & committed people.

Past Board Members:

Richard Douglas and Betty McCleary